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God tasks no soul beyond its capacity

Reflections on the Night of Isra wa al Meraj in a time of difficulty
The month of Rajab 1441 has nearly passed us by. Communities across the world are panic stricken with uncertainty and fear at an invisible enemy that attacks and lays waste to the populace.

This blessed month, which is among the sacred months [2:217], is the one in which most Muslims commemorate the night of the Ascension, al-Isra wa al-Meraj. This sacred journey of the Prophet Muhammad´Ě║ to the Divine Presence came at the end of the year of sorrow, al 'aam al huzn, which was preceded by a boycott of the Muslim community by the Makkans.

The Boycott and the Year of Sorrow Through the approximately three yearlong boycott, the Muslims faced great hardship. Deprived of food at times they resorted to eating leaves. Yet, they held steadfast, not leaving their faith. Of all the pillars of Islam, 'iman is the hardest. Belief in the unseen, a promise of the eternal over the ephemeral, is what we have given testimony…